Ruth Davison
Counselling and Coaching

Considering counselling can be daunting. Maybe you are going through an intense and difficult time that feels too big to tackle alone or perhaps you feel as if you are stuck and you are unsure how to move forward. In my practice, I offer you a safe space to explore and unpick either “here and now” issues, or more deep rooted issues from the past which are impacting your day to day life. We will work together, to help you come to a deeper understanding of yourself and discover new ways of moving forward in life.
I work a relational way, meaning that a therapeutic relationship is developed between us built on trust and empathy to understand the world from your perspective. I will listen to you without judgement and learn about what you have been through to understand your experiences. I will help you reflect on, develop, and articulate your emotions, experiences, and personal meanings.  

Working relationally means that together we can use therapy as a tool to look at relationships you have with others. I will help you understand any links between the past and the present that may emerge. Central to my approach is that I accept you for who you are, and that you may develop a clearer awareness and understanding of yourself, your relational patterns and who you are in the world.  
My role is to accompany you on a journey where together we will explore where and who you have been, where and who you are now and where and who you would like to be. I like to think of therapy as a process of introducing you to the person you have the most dealings with – yourself!